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2022. 7. 16. · Cronus Zen Mods. The Cronus Community has been able to develop dozens of MODs for both the most popular and newly released games. That includes perks such as Steady Aim, Auto Sprint, Sniper Breath, and Fast Reload. Drop Shot, Strafe Shot, Quick scope, Aim Abuse, Aim Assist, Anti-Recoil, and Rapid fire are also among the many other perks.

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TP-Link UB500 Nano USB Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter Dongle (für PC Laptop Desktop Computer, unterstützt Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Plug & Play für Windows 10/8.1/8) Version 1.21 - Load Cronus PRO and go to Tools > Options > Device updated to the latest firmware This guide also has a couple of important steps to follow if you have a PS4 Pro console and a.

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That's right, the Cronus Zen (latest iteration of Cronus Max) is a device that lets you use PlayStation controllers on Xbox and vice versa, along with. Cronus Zen Adapter For Scripts Mods and Macros Multi Console & PC. £91.99. Lime XB360. Cronus Zen Adapter For Scripts Mods and Macros. £94.99. Lime Pro Gaming..

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We can't just rely on AutoHotkey scripts because some Anti-Cheat engines don't like it. : (. Cronus Zen seems like a possible solution, but it also costs a fair bit, and does a lot more than we need. Is anyone aware of a cheaper alternative that can do key remapping *only* in.

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